Capital District YMCA Summer Childcare FAQ

I registered already. Why do I have to register again?

Our locations and offerings have changed. We want to make sure you want the childcare we are able to offer this summer.

Will the (location) have swimming this summer?

At this time, we do not have approval from the Department of Health (DOH) to operate any of our pools. We are working on this with the DOH and will share updates as we receive them.

The cost for Greenbush is higher. Why is that?

Across our association, our childcare offering is the same price because the offerings are the same this summer. Please know that we offer financial assistance for families who need help to afford summer childcare. Do you need help?

Will you accept DSS this summer?

While we are not offering DSS, we do offer scholarships. Please let us know if you need help to afford childcare this summer.

What steps are you taking to keep my child safe this summer?

We are extending the childcare model we’ve had in place since March, for essential care workers.

Children will stay on campus this summer, with no field trips and limited outside enrichment.

There will be no bussing.

We will continue with daily procedures that include:

Daily screening questions for staff and children

Daily Temperature checks of children and staff

Regular staff hand hygiene

Regular disinfection of program spaces

Children picked up from cars and parents stay in cars

Groups of children will continue to consist of 10 children and 2 staff.

Groups will stay together for the day and do activities together, with minimal contact with others outside the group.

What activities will you offer my child?

We will offer a variety of fun activities, including:

  • STEM
  • Art
  • Robotics
  • Adventure games
  • Cooking
  • Water Games

Are you still offering Open House events, to meet the counselors?

We are not hosting any gatherings at this time. We are happy to connect you with the Director in charge of summer childcare. Which location, please?

I am not sending my child to the Y this summer, can I get my deposit back?

Yes! We will provide a refund of your deposit. We are sorry not to care for your child this summer.

Are you still offering a sibling discount?

Yes! We are offering that this summer.

I have questions about a particular location. Who can I talk to?

Please call Membership Billing at 518-869-3500 and they will gladly direct your call.