Childcare Programs

At the Y, we want to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow and thrive. With your help, we can ensure more children in need get the care they deserve in both our Early Learning Centers and our After-School sites.

Your support helps infants develop trust, pre-schoolers learn about their world, and school-age students build a positive view of their self-worth and the value of teamwork. Together, we’re helping children develop into caring and healthy young adults. Please let us help.

Early Learning

Our full-day early childhood education programs use QualityStars and Creative Curriculum. This approach to teaching young children uses spontaneity and the ability to see and use everyday opportunities to help children solve problems, explore new materials, find answers to questions all while building relationships. The tenets of this framework includes creating a responsive environment, routines and experiences, individualizing, guiding behavior, and much more. It also includes a developmental continuum that links curriculum and individual child assessments. In addition to Creative Curriculum, learning centers offer an excellent way to individualize the curriculum to meet the varying needs of your child. These areas within a classroom support a variety of activities. Materials are related by subject, purpose or projected skills. Activities and materials are used independently by children or with the direction of a teacher, to reinforce skills and concepts.

After-School Program

We provide affordable and enriching programming for children before and after school. Each program is licensed by the Office of Children and Family Services and follows guidelines put forth by them. We strive to enhance each child’s education with theme-based activities which includes HEPASPARKand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), music, art, literacy, cultural experiences, and much more. In addition to our enrichments, the Y also offers homework and academic assistance, a nutritious snack, a variety of learning centers, the opportunity to socialize with friends and participate in sports and other gym activities. We strive to provide the children with opportunities that may not be available to them in other parts of their day.