Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

While the Glenville YMCA is renovating the Wellness Center, they are offering a number of additional group exercise classes to keep you moving! Here are your options:

Current Classes:

Are you a Novice or beginner exerciser or prefer lower impact workouts or use the exercise bike? Please give one of our Level I Group Exercise class a try! 

  • Body Sculpting: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:15am
  • Zumba: Tuesdays 9:15am and Fridays 6:00pm
  • Beginner Yoga: Gentle Yoga 8:15am
  • Water Wellness: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:10am-10:55am
  • Balance: Mondays 11:00am
  • Aqua Aerobics: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:20pm

Do you use the Elliptical, Stepper or Step-mill, exercise regularly and are ready for a more challenging workout? Give one of our Level II Group Exercise class a try!

  • Core Challenge: Tuesdays 6:30pm
  • Triple Threat: Mondays 5:30pm and Wednesdays 5:15am
  • Punch, Strike & Kick: Mondays 6:35pm and Saturdays 8:00am
  • Yoga: Tuesdays 7:30pm, Thursdays 10:30am, Fridays 9:15am, Saturdays 9:00am, Sundays 9:15am
  • Aqua HIIT: Tuesdays 8:15am
  • Plyoga: Mondays 9:15am

Do you love hard runs on the treadmill or intense interval training on other cardio equipment? Try one of our Level III Group Exercise classes!

  • Tabata: Wednesdays 9:15am and 6:00pm
  • HIIT: Mondays 5:15am
  • Extreme Metabolic Conditioning: Friday 9:15am
  • Body Flex: Wednesdays 10:05am and Thursdays 5:40pm
  • Pacers Running Group: Tuesdays and Friday s 9:15am

Take advantage of wellness center renovation by trying something new and meeting new friends!

Additional Classes from September 10th – 19th

Monday September 10th

  • 9:15am Awesome Abs (15 min) (CR)- Laura
  • 9:30am 30 Minute Melt (CR) Ginger
  • 6:45pm Body Weight Blast (CR) – Patty Mc.

Tuesday September 11th

  • 5:15am  Chisel & Powerhouse (gym) (60 min) Patty Mc.

Wednesday September 12th

  • 9:00am Awesome Abs (15 min) (CR) – Laura
  • 9:15am Dynamic Functional Strength- Ginger

Thursday September 13th

  • 5:15am Tabata (gym) – Patty Mc 

Friday September 14th

  • 8:45am Awesome Abs (15 min) (CR)- Allison

Monday September 17th

  • 9:15am Awesome Abs (15 min) (CR)- Laura
  • 9:45am Cardio Circuit (30 min) (CR) – Susan
  • 6:45pm Chisel & Powerhouse (60 min) (CR) – Patty Mc.

Tuesday September 18th

  • 5:15am Tabata (gym) – Patty Mc.

Wednesday September 19th

  • 9:00am Awesome Abs (15 min) (CR) – Laura
  • 9:15am Kettlebell Strength Fusion (CR) Ginger