YMCA-Vietnam Trip March 2014

The Capital District YMCA is recognized as a Global Center for Excellence by the National Office of the YMCA (YMCA of the USA). The Capital District YMCA plays an intricate part of everyday lives transcending from our local community to places abroad. Worldwide, the Y is known for more than being just a fitness gym. We are known for our social inclusion and service.

In 2014, the Capital District YMCA had the pleasure of being apart of service trips to Vietnam and Brazil. Although there are many language barriers, actions speak louder than words. Humanity, what brings us together, is stronger than what differentiates us. Working with Y’s abroad, we can expand our perspectives and world views. We can take what we’ve learned from service abroad and apply it to our own community.

Together, we can achieve more.

To find out more about our service in the global community, watch the videos below.