Healthy Meeting and Event Guide

How much time do you spend at work?

The life expectancy in America is 78.6 years. This means most of us will spend an average of:

  • 71 years indoors
  • 10 years at work
  • 5 years sitting at a desk (office workers)
  • 2 years sitting in work meetings (average employee)

To help build healthy communities, we’ve developed a new Healthy Meeting and Events Policy. Please join these efforts!

To participate, you promise to include healthy food and beverage options for those meetings where you typically serve food.  Don’t worry, we won’t limit your choice to Kale (although Kale is considered the Queen of veggies). We do ask you to choose some healthy options, such as making sure water’s served at every meeting, and including fruits and vegetables.

Learn more at Healthy Meeting and Event Policy.

We’ve been blessed with great support of our efforts thus far. For example, Albany’s South End Neighborhood Association implemented this policy to help reduce the risk of chronic disease for their 63 Association members. They started small by offering water and now pizza has been replaced by submarine sandwiches and fresh fruits and vegetables. Best of all, Neighborhood Association members report that they’re happy with this change and proud of their efforts.

Please join us in adopting a healthy meeting and event policy for your organization. Call 518.869.3500 ext. 9925 to find out how you can implement this policy at your workplace.