As we all know, the holidays are meant for three big F words. Family, Food, and Fun. It’s a time when everyone gets away from work and college and just spends time with their family. When you’re with family however, you eat like pigs. Why? Because there’s no better way of talking and sharing stories than over a big buffet of food. Which is totally normal. However you don’t want to find yourself gaining any unwanted weight do you? No need to fear, that can be prevented by just following a few simple tips we have for you.

Stock the fridge with healthy meals.

Well, this is pretty simple. How could you possibly be able to eat healthy if there’s nothing healthy to eat? You can’t. It takes way too much willpower. If there is cheesecake in the fridge and celery right next to it, odds are you won’t even see that celery. Plan in advance! Cook weeks before and make sure the fridge is filled up with healthy meals so you and your family can get through that before even thinking about cooking something else.

Keep the focus on family activities, not food.

This task may seem impossible but it’s not. Although most holiday activities are associated with food try to keep the focus away from that. Board games, house decorating, and tree trimming are all activities that have nothing to do with food. Grandma’s chicken pot pie can wait.

Stay physically active.

Taking a long break from working out may sound like a good idea, but I would advise against it. You don’t have to be extreme with your workout, but do something. Go for a walk, take your family ice skating, or go sledding! That way, when you make your return to working out, it isn’t so challenging. If you don’t workout at all, then you should make it a goal to do more physically activities during the holidays. Great family activities would be like the annual Turkey Trot in Troy, basketball and swimming at your local Y. There are a number of ways to stay in shape during the holidays.

Here are just a few of many ways that you can stay healthy throughout the holidays. Take these tips and apply them to your own family traditions and you’ll see how happy it will make you guys in the end. Happy holidays!