Strengthening Community One Member At A Time

Membership For AllHelping people is at the heart of the Capital District YMCA and has been from the start.

Through our childcare programs, we nurture the potential in every child. Through our health and wellness programs, we improve the health and well-being of those who live in our community. We strengthen our community by giving back and helping those in need.

Membership for all

Giving back is a core part of our mission. That’s what makes the Capital District YMCA so unique. We actively work to ensure that membership is available for everyone, regardless of your individual financial situation.

Membership starts today

Your membership in the Capital District YMCA begins today. We don’t want you to have to wait even one day to join the Y and begin your path toward personal wellness.

Our commitment covers a range of products and services, from general membership which covers all our programs and services, to our childcare programs and summer camp. Our commitment covers all ages, from infants to seniors.

The assistance we provide is based upon the type of assistance you need, from individual memberships to coverage for your whole family.

Your information

Your initial membership is valid for 30 days to give you plenty of time to provide the information we need to best respond to your needs. The assistance we provide is based upon income level and the number of people in your household seeking assistance.

Time frame

We ask that you provide the documents we need within 30 days of becoming a member. This process is the same for both general membership and for our childcare and summer camp programs.

For our childcare and other services, we’ll call you with payment information and how soon your child(ren) can start.


We’re here to help, so please let us know when you have questions. We also have staff ready to help at our branches. Simply ask for our Membership for All coordinator, or begin your application today.