Summer is the best time of year. The weather is nice, there’s more time to spend with your family, and you can relax. But what about your kids? Researchers have found that your child can actually lose everything they learned throughout the year. This is referred to as the “summer slide”.

There are ways to keep your children learning all summer, even if they don’t realize it.

Make reading fun

Part of the reason kids don’t read outside of the classroom is that they haven’t found books that they enjoy. Start a children’s book club! The kids can take turns choosing a book to read and discuss with friends—this turns a somewhat isolating activity into a social one where they can learn with peers.

Get them writing

Help your kids put creativity into words. Get them to start a journal. Even if they’re just recapping their day, or listing five things they ate that day, get them writing! It can improve their vocabulary and exercise the brain.

Teach real life math

Let them handle the money at the grocery store, choose coupons, and see how money is used in the real world. And when you get home, bake cookies! This is a great way to introduce real world fractions and other math.

Attend summer camp

Our summer camps make learning fun! Sign up for Wizards and Potions camp to learn various science experiments. We have a lot of fun summer camp options to help children stay stimulated throughout the summer.

Take an adventure

Visit a local landmark and learn about the area’s history. Make local history come alive and your children will be more invested in the facts.

Build a board game

Exercise the creative part of their mind and have them build a board game for the family to enjoy. Use a board that you already have or create a new one! Mix and match various games to make one mega game. They will love to see you enjoy something they created.