Join Our Community

The Capital District YMCA is so much more than a gym or pool. At the Y, we are focused on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Seniors Enjoy Special Savings

Enjoy FREE membership to the Capital District YMCA with SilverSneakers. Whether you’re looking for a fun place to swim, or to catch up with your friends while taking a yoga class, the YMCA is a great place for active older adults and seniors looking to become more active! Please visit our front desk today for details.

30-Day Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction is our goal at the Capital District YMCA. Toward that end, we’re pleased to offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee when you join. If you’re unhappy with your membership, please let us know and we’ll gladly refund your money, including the joiner’s fee.

Membership Rates



Membership Type Monthly Fee
Household $84
One Adult Household $71
Adult (30 and older) $56
Senior Adult (65 and older) $47
Young Adult (19-29) $41
Youth (18 and younger) $24


We Offer Financial Assistance

At the Capital District YMCA, we welcome individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds and never turn you away because you cannot afford our membership, programs, or services. To help those with financial need, we have our Annual Giving Campaign scholarship program which is funded by caring members of our community. For more information, please ask to speak with our Membership Sales Director.

Joiner Fees

Our Youth Membership includes a joiner’s fee of $25. For other memberships, the joiner’s fee is $100.

Community Rate Option

The Capital District YMCA is a nonprofit service-focused organization committed to the health and well-being or our members.

At the Y, in addition to our full-facility membership option, we offer a community rate. Full-facility members enjoy access to all our branches and group exercise programs. With the community rate option, you can enroll in any of our programs without having to pay a non-member fee. You simply pay the community rate for each program you take, except for group exercise classes, which are a benefit of being a full-facility member.

It’s our hope that once you try any of our programs, and become familiar with what the Y is all about, you’ll want to become a full-facility member.

Convenient Methods of Payment

Automatic Withdrawal / Safe and Convenient

Monthly payments are withdrawn from your checking or savings account, debit or credit card. The joiner’s fee and pro-rated cost for your first month of membership are due when you join. There is no contract to join, and we will stop your monthly payments (with 30 days notice) once we receive your written request.

Annual / Semi-Annual / Quarterly Payment Options

Dues may be paid in full when you join and then paid annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. We accept cash, check, or credit card. When you pay for a full year, the amount you owe includes the pro-rated cost for the current month, and the joiner’s fee.

Membership Holds

You’re welcome to put your membership on hold for medical reasons. Please provide a note from your doctor letting us know why you’re not able to participate in Y activities. Please submit your request in writing 30 days before your leave of absence. Your membership is automatically re-activated once your hold expires.

Our programs and services are reserved for our active members. When a membership is placed on hold, that membership becomes inactive and is not eligible for programs, including registration for childcare

Refund Policy

Refunds and credits need to be approved by our Executive Director. Please provide your request in writing. Refunds and credits aren’t issued once you attend two or more classes unless you have a medical reason. Please provide a note from your doctor. Credits are good for one year and are valid at any branch. If we have to cancel a program, we will gladly provide a refund.

Inclement Weather Policy

For your safety, when the Troy School District closes school or has a delay, all programming (including Group Exercise  classes) will be cancelled until noon. By 2PM, a decision will be made regarding evening programming.

During a thunder & lightning storm, the pool will close until 30 minutes after the last sign of lightning and/or thunder. Closing and re-opening the pool is at the discretion of staff.