Summer is the best time of year. The weather is nice, there’s more time to spend with your family, and you can relax. But what about your kids? Researchers have found that your child can actually lose everything they learned throughout the year. This is referred to as the “summer slide”.

You can avoid the “summer slide” by encouraging your child to participate in a number of activities that make reading fun!

Start a book club

Part of the reason kids don’t read outside of the classroom is that they haven’t found books that they enjoy. Start a children’s book club! The kids can take turns choosing a book to read and discuss with friends—this turns a somewhat isolating activity into a social one where they can learn with peers.


Get your child reading while also learning math! It’s a great way to introduce practical reading and real life math into summer fun. Plus, you get a tasty treat out of it.

Read a book then take a field trip

There’s nothing more fun than seeing a book come to life. Read Bridge to Terabithia and take a walk through the woods, designing your own secret world. Or read a book about local history then visit the area.

Get a summer pen pal

Not only does this encourage reading, but it also keeps them writing! They will enjoy speaking with friends across the country, or globe while they exercise their brain.

Read a book before the movie

Nowadays, most books are being turned into movies, so why not take advantage? It’s also a great opportunity to introduce classic literature like The Outsiders or The Chronicles of Narnia. It also encourages exercising critical thinking skills. Can they spot the differences between the books and the movie?

Turn it into a game

Is there something your child loves? Maybe your child loves Pokemon. Assign a different book to each Pokemon. If they read that book, they ‘catch’ that Pokemon. Can they catch them all before school starts?