Meet Camp Counselor: Tara Myers

This is Tara’s second year joining us for Bethlehem summer camp! We are so thrilled to have our back on our team for the best summer yet!

What do you like about working at camp?

I really enjoy meeting new faces and seeing some from the school year prior.

Summer Camp is important because…

Summer camp can introduce children to fun activities that they would not most likely get a chance to do at home. Like build a volcano and mix vinegar with baking soda and watch it erupt. Also, students in preschool benefit in social skills when they are consistently in a structured environment and with other kids in their age group.They are given opportunities like swim and playground and gym to help them stay active in a safe and fun environment.

Finish this sentence: Because of the Y…

I learned how to ice skate 🙂

What do you do outside of the Y?

I paint on canvas, draw, scrapbook and I’m learning to play the keyboard.

What excites you the most about this summer?

Meeting new friends! Being apart of a child’s summertime experience.