Meet Jack

Jack Sherry has been a member of the Troy YMCA since 2012 and quickly progressed from member to instructor. Jack currently teaches both Water Wellness and Forever Fit Cardio aqua classes at the Troy branch and has acquired quite the following. Now, 71, Jack shows no signs of slowing down.

diabetes swimPrior to joining the YMCA, Jack struggled with weight loss, high blood pressure, and has a history of Atrial fibrillation (Afib). And in 2007, Jack was diagnosed with diabetes.

“I was kind of active around the house,” Jack said. “I looked out the window one morning and thought to myself, if you don’t go out and start doing something, laying around the house becomes an excuse. If you go out and do something, it’s a reason.”

So he did. He got out of the house every day and walked up and down his rural street.

“I came in one morning after a walk, and looked out the window. From the time I left the house, to the time I came back, which was about a half an hour, not a single car had driven by,” said Jack. “I got concerned. What would happen to me if I fell down?”

It was then that Jack knew he had to find another path to wellness. That’s when he came to the Troy YMCA.
“I like coming here because there’s always someone around to help in a medical emergency,” Jack explained. “They took me out of here twice in an ambulance—before they got my medications lined up with my physical activity. There was always someone right here to take care of me, unlike walking up and down the road. I feel secure coming here.”

Jack continued to work towards his fitness goals, working hard to find a routine that worked for him.

“I always enjoyed the water,” said Jack. “Once I started working out, I foudiabetes swimnd out that when I worked out and didn’t use the pool, I was sore. The water had a soothing effect on me.”

Shortly after Jack discovered his love for water wellness, he was asked to be an instructor and jumped at the chance to share his expertise. Jack quickly gained a following. He teaches his classes both in and out of the water to ensure each member understands each exercise.

“When people thank you for doing a good job, that’s the best,” he said. “Looking around and seeing you’re helping people, that’s the best. It’s nice to be able to pass on the gift of good health.”