Meet Workout Buddies: Kim and Stephanie

Kim and Stephanie weren’t always this close. In fact, they met only recently through Kim’s sister, and discovered they had a mutual goal: take control of their health.

A couple of months ago, they decided to join the Y for the very first time.

“I homeschool my kids, who love to do Taekwondo here at the Y, so it just made sense,” Kim explained. “It gave me something to do for the few hours while my girls were busy.”

After only a month of working out at the Y, Kim convinced Stephanie to be her workout buddy!

“Yeah, I was never a team person.” Stephanie smiled. “So I stayed far, far away from them, but I did like when we did the weight room during gym. It was really the only part I liked.”

“She likes small teams,” said Kim. “That’s what works for us.”

They didn’t settle into a workout routine right away. It took a little trial and error to find their groove, and settle into a routine that fit their hectic schedules.

“We’re night shift people,” Stephanie explained. “We tried working out in the mornings, but since we were getting out of work at 5 or 6, going to the gym at 9 or 10 just wasn’t working out.”

While it can often be hard to coordinate a time that works for both of them, they power through in order to maintain their accountability.

“Even when I don’t want to come, I don’t tell her I’m not in the mood. I just go,” said Kim. “It’s nice to have someone to motivate you.”

And it’s also nice to have someone to guide you when you’re just staring out.

“I did the orientation,” said Kim.  “The girl went around showing me the machines, how to change the weights, and stuff. Then when Stephanie started, I gave her the orientation…then she got the real one.”

When asked which orientation she liked better, Kim’s or the YMCA one, both girls laughed. While it’s nice to have a friend help you get started, it’s even better for a Y professional to help you navigate the Wellness floor.

“I really liked the orientation,” said Stephanie. “She [the Wellness staff member] pushed me further than I thought I could go.”

“Oh yeah,” said Kim. “I forgot about that. Stephanie would always start with the lowest possible weight on the machine, but after the orientation, she started higher.”

Finding a fitness routine takes time, but the more you go, the more confident you’ll be.

“Working out has made me more confident,” said Stephanie. “I just feel better. Like I’m working towards something and improving myself.”

“It’s great to see her more confident. She’s been coming out of her shell,” said Kim. “My personal workout goal is strength. I like to be strong, since it’s just me.”

The pair has been working hard and will continue to work towards their health goals as a team!