photo201005_0125_34_download_3Each year since 1928, under a joint Resolution of Congress, the President of the United States has proclaimed Child Health Day.  This day was originally observed on each May 1 until 1960 when the date was changed to the first Monday in October of each calendar year.

“On Child Health Day, we are reminded of our first, most urgent task to protect and develop the health of our children. Today, let us reaffirm our commitment to our Nation’s youth and remember our future depends on their success,” said President Barrack Obama.

At the Y, we celebrate the healthy lives of children everyday by providing a space where they continue on that path. We offer numerous youth sports programs, aquatics programs, and exercise classes where anyone can participate.

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just your body; it’s your mind, your relationships, it’s everything about you. At the Y, we provide an environment for children to grow in a healthy way. Whether it’s through our Black and Latino Achievers program or our Youth in Government program, we provide outlets for children that benefit them in the long run. Now that’s a healthy lifestyle!

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