Yesterday we held our 2015 Cause Driven Leader Luncheon to recognize staff from the Southern Saratoga Branch and Kidzlodge Early Learning Center.

Congratulations to all of you and thank you for all that you for the Capital District YMCA!

Southern Saratoga Cause-Driven Leaders

Cause Driven Leaders From Southern Saratoga YMCA:

January:               Laurie Wiedenhoefer

February:            Padma Asula

March:                  Brodie France

April:                     Tiffany Morgan

May:                      Kerianne Reilly

June:                     Paul Sloan

July:                       Alison Cochis

August:                Katie Nolan

September:        Joanna Maciariello

October:              Zach Wolfe

November:         Lori Delehanty

December:         Gina Family


Cause Driven Leaders From Kidzlodge Early Learning Center:

January:               Diane Cusack

February:            Brittany Fay

March:                  Mildred Bautista

April:                     Joelle Grande

May:                      Sarah Barnish

June:                     Jay Harden

July:                       Allysia Antoloqitz

August:                Kathryn Michelsen

September:        Erika Mikulski

October:              Stephanie Holmquist

November:         Savannah Weir

December:         Stephanie Derikart