Veronica joined the YMCA over 15 years ago, just before she had her first child. As a mother, she originally used the Y’s services for her kids at the KidzLodge, camps, teen nights, swim lessons, picnics and other activities.

Then, five years ago, Veronica was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

“Being a mom, you neglect yourself,” Veronica said. “When I developed cancer, that’s when I decided to take my health back.”

Now, Veronica and her kids spend three hours at the Y every day. Her older kids enjoy teen activities and swim lessons, while her little one plays in Children’s Corner.Veronica takes advantage of exercise classes, specifically, Zumba!

However, as a cancer survivor, there are certain things she cannot do. She explained how much she loves that aspect of the Y. There are many different opportunities. If Zumba is too much for her to handle, because her arthritis is acting up, she walks the track and gives Zumba a try another day.

“During the hardest times when I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want to get out,” Veronica said. “The Y helped me come in and think of nothing else.”

“It is like a second home,” she said.

Veronica is four years cancer-free and continues to use the Y as a community area. To her, it’s more than just a gym. Her family is thankful for the welcoming staff including Miss Daniella who has been amazing with her youngest daughter, the energetic swimming instructors, front desk employees and fitness instructors.

“Because of the Y, I was able to balance being a mom, being a healthier person, and continue my road to well being,” Veronica said. “Because of the Y, I am passing that onto my kids and instilling in them a sense of taking care of your body as well as your mind.”