Meet Steve!

Steve Sabatino has been a member of the Guilderland Y since the day the doors opened. All of his children learned to swim at the Y, and as a family, they took advantage of everything the Y has to offer, and now, Steve is giving back.

“I always wanted to do something, and there comes a certain point in life when you want to give back to the community,” Steve explained. “I go to spinning here. Dave Brown went too. He struck up a conversation with me and asked if I would have any interest in joining the board. I always wanted to do something that benefited children. So it was all kind of perfect.”

Steve has been a member of the Guilderland YMCA board for seven years, has been the board chair for two years, and he is continuously working hard to ensure that the Y is a success.

“I try to volunteer for as many things as I can, like the Pine Bush runs, or anything that they need,” said Steve. “It’s good. It makes me feel good. And I know that the more volunteers the Y has, the more profitability they have during these events since they don’t have to pay the employees to be there.”

Out of all the events Steve has worked on, he always enjoys working with children.

“There was event here, in the parking lot. They had a big massive blow-up slide and I got to man the slide,” laughed Steve. “It’s a lot of responsibility to make sure the kids have fun and also don’t trample each other. It’s the events where the children are running around smiling, laughing, and having fun that make it all worthwhile.”

Steve has three children of his own—a sixteen-year-old daughter, and two sons, one thirteen, and one eleven. They’ve all gone through Y-Time and participated in different Y activities throughout their lives.

“I believe in the mission of the Y. I enjoy it. It’s been a very good part of our life,” Steve said. “We all have some pretty cool memories of this place.”

Because of his experiences at the Y, Steve volunteers with the children as much as possible.

“Children need a voice. As adults, we can kind of take care of ourselves, even though I know that’s not true all of the time. But kids need more guidance and help,” explained Steve. “Anything that can help facilitate that will help—like getting them involved in programs and camp that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to do, that really hits home for me.”

He is always looking for more ways to get involved.

“I see the next natural progression to be Circle of Champs. Right now, I participate in all of the events that I can from the egg hunts, to races, etc. I’m trying to make the time,” said Steve.

Steve not only volunteers at the Y, but he coaches his son’s lacrosse team, volunteered with his son’s boy scout troop, and was the board chair at the Albany Chamber Group for a few years.

“Because of the Y, I really feel like I’ve really fulfilled one of my goals by helping give back to the community, said Steve. “There’s so many opportunities here at the YMCA to help children and adults really fulfill dreams and wished they’d never had if it wasn’t for the YMCA.”