Sure, we know that fall is the time of facial hair—men start growing beards and mustaches in honor of No-Shave-November and Movember. What you may not know is that Movember is much more than that.

What is Movember?

Move for MovemberThe Movember Foundation was founded in 2003 by two men in Australia who set out to bring the mustache back in style. When it started to catch on, they took it one step further and turned it into a fundraising opportunity. They enlisted men all around the world to help ‘change the face of men’s health’ by growing a mustache and raising money. The foundation aims to stop men from dying young—with a focus on testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental illness and suicide prevention.

How do you get involved?

There are a few ways to get involved. You could grow a mustache and rally up some sponsors to donate to your cause. You could donate directly to the Movember Foundation. You could organize a fundraiser at work. But, the easiest way to get involved is spread the word and Move for Movember.

Move for MovemberWhat’s the Move Challenge?

This is what you make of it. Move. Be active. Run in a marathon, try a new sport or fitness class, walk an extra mile, or jump a little higher. The more you move, the healthier you will be.

What can I get involved at the YMCA?

We want you to Move for Movember. Send us your photos, videos, or fitness stats. We want you out there, raising awareness alongside your community. We want to see your mustache and your personal records! We want you to share your stories with us. Motivate others and be active. We want you to be the healthiest you.

For more information, check out the Movember website.

Stay tuned for Movember-themed events at your local Y!