Whether you’re new to the gym or you just want to try a new class, yoga is a great way to exercise. We know it can be intimidating to walk into a new class. The following guidelines will help you understand what to expect:

What to Wear

CDYMCA YogaThere is no right or wrong way to dress for a yoga class. The number one thing to consider when dressing for a yoga class is comfort. You’re going to be moving in a lot of different directions and you need to be comfortable shifting through the positions. Baggy clothes can often get in the way and slide up or down when you don’t want them to. For this reason, many people will wear form-fitting clothes that wick away sweat. In addition, wearing yoga pants or form-fitting capris will help the instructor to assess your form.

What to Bring

At all of our YMCA locations, we provide the essentials for a good yoga class. We have mats, blocks, blankets, and whatever else your instructor requires. But, if you have your own and want to bring it, that’s great too! It’s also beneficial to bring a water bottle and a towel. This will keep you from wandering in and out over the course of the class.

YOGA at the YMCAWhen to Arrive

It’s common courtesy to arrive to class at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the class. If you’re new, you should come even earlier. Give yourself time to find the necessary equipment, introduce yourself to the instructor, and settle into your spot. A lot of classes fill up quickly based on the instructor or time of day—you want to make sure you’re there with enough time to settle in.

What to Ask

If this is your first time with a new instructor, introduce yourself and inform them if there are any medical conditions you have. Yoga is great for overall health and wellness, but can take a toll on certain joints. If your instructor knows your problem areas, they can give you modifications to ensure each move works for you.

When to Stop

Since this may be your first class, take it easy. Don’t force yourself into positions that you’re not comfortable in and take breaks when you need them. You don’t want to overwork your joints in the first class—you need to build us your flexibility and tolerance.


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