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Our partial day early childhood education programs use Creative Curriculum. This approach to teaching pre-school children uses spontaneity and the ability to use everyday opportunities to help children solve problems, explore new materials and find answers to questions. In addition to Creative Curriculum, learning centers offer an excellent way to individualize the curriculum to meet the varying needs of your child. These areas within a classroom support a variety of activities Materials are related by subject, purpose, or projected skills. Activities and materials are used independently by children or with the direction of a teacher, to reinforce skills and concepts.

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Lynnwood Reformed Church Monthly
Member Rate
Non-Member Rate
Full-Time, Half Day $365 $415
Part-Time, Half Day $275 $325

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Lynnwood Reformed Church (8:30am – 1:00pm) Weekly
Member Rate
Non-Member Rate
Full-Time 3 & 4 Year Old (Mon – Fri) $90 $105
Part- Time 3 & 4 Year Old $70 $85


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