Career Clusters

The YMCA Black and Latino Achievers program provides students with hands-on learning and enrichment opportunities in various professional areas. Youth gain resource tools and professional road map strategies to navigate towards opportunities for success in their career areas of interest. Cluster groups are led by professional adult volunteer mentors in the following cluster areas:

Arts & Culture

This cluster is all about molding the next generation of creative minds and innovative leaders. Achievers gain confidence to develop their visions and bring ideas to life. Youth are exposed to various career disciplines of art including fine arts, performing arts, culinary arts, visual arts, photography, sculpture, fashion design, and more.

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Business, Accounting, Finance, & Banking

The world of business is a big place with endless possibilities for our achievers. Young entrepreneurs and future business leaders learn administrative skills, strategies for small business, gain exposure to the world of finance, economics, and the art of supply and demand.

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Communications, Marketing, & Social Media

What’s a good business without a solid marketing strategy? Achievers will learn the importance of communication and how connecting people, sharing ideas, and motivating cultural trends is essential to any successful organization. Youth are exposed to a broad range of career opportunities available in the fields of mass communication, business marketing, broadcasting, journalism, and social media. Students also explore navigating their interests and trends with communication in current communication platforms.

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Computer & Technology

Computer and technology careers are increasingly in demand in our global, inter-connected world. Experience careers responsible for generating, collecting, classifying, recording, and analyzing information. Youth will gain strategies for being successful in any field of choice. The next start-up entrepreneur or tech giant may be a YMCA Black and Latino Achiever!

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Education, Human Services, & Non-Profits

Youth in this cluster are exposed to a variety of career opportunities in education, human services, and related fields. Achievers should choose this cluster if they want to make a difference and empower others, work with youth, or grow the next generation of future leaders. Teaching, administration, higher education, or even working as a youth director for the YMCA are just some of the many careers youth will explore. Join this cluster to get on the path to stimulating minds!

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“Oh the things you can think if you only try…” Engineers make the world go around. Everything from running water or flying to your favorite vacation destination can’t happen without engineers. They link great ideas and scientific solutions to make a concept a reality. Youth in this cluster gain a better understanding of advancing technology, while exploring careers in engineering and other STEM related fields.

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Health & Medical

Is there a doctor in the house? It could be you, in the future. Explore careers relating to health and the business aspects of all medical services. This cluster is the perfect remedy for anyone interested in the medical or any allied health profession.

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Law & Government

Ever wonder how government works? What lawyers do? Here is your chance to find out. Learn about professions that deal with politics and law in our community, law enforcement, and government services.

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Vocational & Trade

This cluster provides young achievers the opportunity to explore their interest and discover what skills they have. Future trade leaders will gain exposure to education, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities, and will be connected to a network field employer to assist them with their career search. Achievers explore skills they need to develop to meet their goals.